Sunday, October 24, 2010

Basketball Shorts

I dont know about you guys, but around here kids and teenagers wear basketball shorts 24/7. Its ridiculos, they wear them to school, when they go out, probably even when they sleep. For heavens sake they probably even wear them to weddings! I don't understand this "fashion."

Basketball shorts are only to be worn at one time and at one time only, during phsyical activity. When i say phsyical activity i mean playing sports, going for a run, or working out. But no, for some reason teenagers think it's good fashion to go walking around in basketball shorts and a t-shirt.

At school and at regular social events, they should not wear these types of shorts. They could wear plaid, khaki, or most shorts that are meant to be worn on a regular basis. They justify the wearings of these horid clothes by saying "they are comfortable and fast to put on," but they don't realise how low class and unprofessional they look. Now, im not saying they have to go walking around in Armani suits, but these shorts are something a homeless person would wear.

When it comes down to it, kids wear whatever they want to wear, and there is no way to stop them. However, i know i will not let my kid wear these shorts unless he is doing one of the phsyical activities stated above.


  1. I agree, but people see others wear them, and think it's fashion.

    That's the way society rolls it's dice I guess

  2. i'm classy. i wear Adidas Trofeos